Saturday, June 14, 2008

TONIGHT! Weird film premiere in Portland

Just a note to anyone interested -- at Strange Maine the store, there is a great little horror film premiering TONIGHT!!!

WHAT: "The Grateful Undead" ... hippie demons tie-dyed in BLOOD!!!
WHEN: 9:00pm, Saturday, June 14th
WHERE: Strange Maine store, 578 Congress Street, Portland, Maine
WHO: Providence RI filmmakers wreak havoc with hippie undead, plus local weird music medley
MORE INFO: call (207)771-9997 or see The Grateful Undead on MySpace -- photos, trailer, more!

As part of the entertainment, various lovelies such as Dan Knudsen and Glade Swope will be busy intriguing your musical sensibilities at various interludes.

To quote the Grateful Undead site:
Set in the grunge-soaked heyday of the early 90's, "The Grateful Undead" is a shocking surrealistic spectacle about what happens when social waste turns toxic! Eno the Zero and Dr. Zog are two wastoids cut adrift in the Summer of '69. Disenchantment reigns supreme as they trudge through the junk food wasteland of mini-marts and parking lots. Their dense, hallucinatory haze draws the attention of flower-child wannabes who yearn for love and freedom in an age of apathy and rage. Take a stomach-turning psychedelic journey to a world of baby boomer nostalgia, tie-dyed in blood!

Filmed in Providence, Rhode Island over the course of seventeen exhausting days of communal living and miraculously completed on a budget of $854.82, "The Grateful Undead" is a bizarre piece of outsider cinema that captures terrifying real emotion and ecstatic reality in an unforgettable psychedelic slacksploitation experience.

Features a diverse original soundtrack by Providence locals Nefarious (epic black metal), The New Federal Hillbillies (improvisational psych-rock), Erica Tronstad (singer-songwriter) and New York City's ON/OFF (avant-jazz).

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