Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Made in Maine : 1980s Horror Comics !

Our excavations have turned up some space alien comic books from Waterville, Maine, published by Hammac Publications. These were commercially published and sold, and full-length stories. Some more titles and covers to follow.
But first, we bring you "Cosmic Steller Rebelers !!"

Here's Issue #1, published in 1988. The aliens escape the "evil long arms of Narco," and land in... Maile.

Issue #2, also from 1988, has our aliens cruising tree-lined roads in a panel van bearing the name, "Cote's Cleaning Co."

And Issue #3, with the vibrant color cover, (correctly spelling "Stellar," though leaving "Rebelers" alone) published in 1989, bring the war with Narco (Ruler of the Universe) to earth! But, alas, was there an Issue #4 ??

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gwdMaine said...

Not exactly horror, but if you're into comics, check out Nathan the Caveman by local artist Ben Bishop. Click on the link to read what the Press Herald had to say and read more at his website: http://www.bishart.net/