Saturday, December 13, 2008

EVENT: Hofmann launches Sunday funnies

Normally stand-up comedy wouldn't have much of a place on the Strange Maine blog. However, there is an exception to be made, and that exception is for the one and only Tim Hofmann. [illustration by the man himself]

I became aware of Tim Hofmann when my zine, Baby Mandelbrot, held a Halloween writing contest to celebrate the release of our Halloween issue back in... let's see, I think it was 2003. The winner of the contest? One Tim Hofmann, who appeared at the release party at Casco Bay Books in costume (I believe perhaps it was as Vincent Van Gogh -- indeed, he had a bandage over one ear and appeared demented). Upon reading the story, I was baffled and amazed. It was peculiar and arresting, and the ending... well, it was unlike anything I'd read in local fiction, that's for sure.

And that is what I like so much about Hofmann. He is talented and unafraid to do what he wants to do, unafraid to offend or confuse. My second introduction to him was a small zine he self-published of comic strips that the Casco Bay Weekly had refused for publication. I still have my copy.

From Portland, Hofmann traveled all over the country, all the way to Alaska and Hawaii, at each stop honing his artistic skill, sending periodic missives to us back here in the homeland. And then he came back! So come see this guy. You just might be surprised.

WHAT: NEW Comedy Room opens!!!
WHERE: DOGFISH BAR & GRILLE, 128 Free Street, Portland ME
WHEN: Sunday, December 14th, 8:00-10:00pm [comics sign up early at 7:30]
FMI: or call (207)772-5483

Portland comic Tim Hofmann opens a new, monthly open mic comedy room at the Dogfish on December 14th. Free shows. Structured a little bit differently than other open mics, there will be one paid, featured comic per show. Hofmann hosts the show with original skits, stories and jokes. 8PM-10PM. Comics sign up at 7:30.

Out of curiosity, I poked around online to pull some more info about Hofmann up for everyone's entertainment, and would like to recommend the following:

  • Hofmann's account of Halloween 2004, wherein we are regaled with the musings of on the Adventures of a giant, pink, trombone-playing shrimp on Halloween weekend.

  • Hofmann's writeup on late-night dining in Portland. "If you are up searching for food after 1 a.m., you're not looking for bananas. You are looking for something warm, chewy, salty and preferably made out of meat, cheese, sauce or dough." Hofmann gives a quick rundown of your best options, with offhanded and concise Hofmann-brand honest commentary.

  • Hofmann's early interview with Bob Bergeron, local poet and editor of the ol' Portland Banner. As Hofmann says, "Bob Bergeron possesses the intensity of an industrial-strength bug zapper. He is constantly buzzing, crackling and popping, practically glowing, feeding on ideas like dragonflies. His poetry possesses these same qualities; simple and vibrant, it kicks you in the ribs."
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