Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!

While most of us have been heavily exposed to Dickens' famous Christmas story, "A Christmas Carol," few in America know that it is part of a larger British tradition of holiday ghost stories. While here we tell spooky tales during the Halloween season, over in Great Britain they feast on the supernatural around cozy Yuletide fires as part of the annual holiday doings. Sounds good to me!

As a treat to listeners, Fred Greenhalgh of Maine's own Radio Drama Revival has announced that, although "Christmas is reasonably un-strange... on Christmas Day I'll be airing a contemporary dramatization of "A Christmas Carol" (never heard that one, right!)." Check out their website on December 25th for a special production of this timeless, hair-raising and heart-warming classic, as performed by Quicksilver Radio Theater wherein they return to the heart of the 1843 story - mining the dark veins of what its author called "a GHOST story - for Christmas."

If you're feeling the humbug vibe, drop into their website at anyhow, because they have a great archive of fantastic fiction audio productions that should keep you entertained for hours on end through all manner of winter gales and slush storms!!!

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finalrune said...

Thanks so much for the press! Do stop over for "A Christmas Carol," but there ended up being much more (sometimes I just can't help myself).

If you're in the mood for something more "strange," check out the second part of the Christmas Day special for "Pig in Boots," a fairy tale gone horribly wrong, penned by Richard O'Brien of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame (or infame...)

Merry Christmas!


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