Friday, June 12, 2009

Beer run on lawnmower backfires

Well, never let it be said that Mainers aren't creative problem solvers. Bangor Daily News reports:
Lawnmower beer run leads to OUI charge
By The Associated Press

VASSALBORO, Maine — A Maine man stands accused of getting behind the wheel after drinking. But he wasn’t operating a car or truck — he was on a lawn mower.

Police say 51-year-old Danforth Ross of Vassalboro was charged May 29 with operating under the influence after he and a friend made a beer run on a riding lawn mower. The arrest came after the two emerged from a variety store with two cases of beer.

Ross’ driver’s license had been revoked, so he and a passenger opted for the lawn mower.

Trooper Joe Chretien made the arrest after getting flagged down by several motorists warning of a wayward mower. Danforth couldn’t be reached for comment.


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Steve Morris said...

All common sense goes out of the window when drinking. A ride on lawnmower seem a fun and amusing piece of transport fun in that state. But for someone hit by it, it could be deadly