Monday, December 05, 2005

SoPo Friendly's Weird

Good morning! Here are a few tidbits about my regular Friendly's restaurant, the one out by the Maine Mall in South Portland.

1. Their booth tables are coffin-shaped. I am totally serious. At least ours was.

2. They were singing "Yes we have no bananas, we have no bananas today" in the kitchen.

3. The fellow who seated us (the manager, maybe?) is, in fact, Joe Anderson, a guy who was in my freshman Earth Sciences class at Deering High School, as taught by the amazing Glen Black. Oh big deal, you say. Well, Joe forever stands out in my mind because at some point during freshman year he went to an Alice Cooper concert and came back the next day wearing his souvenir tour t-shirt covered in fake blood from when the usual Cooper mayhem erupted on stage. Joe Anderson will forever be cool, in my eyes, because of that. There was also an incident with a baggie full of oregano, but the details of that are a little fuzzy, perhaps because he kept changing his story.

Well, Happy Monday, all!

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