Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wilhelm Reich Files

The FBI released almost 800 pages of documents regarding Wilhelm Reich recently, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Reich is well-known in many obscure circles for his pursuit of what many called strange research, from orgone treatment to an anti-gravity formula. For a sample of his involvement in these otherworldly avenues of interest, please see this recent article at Phenomena Magazine about Reich in the role of secret ally to Eisenhower in dealing with the Roswell alien episode in the 1950s.

What does Reich have to do with Maine? Maine was his home for many of his later years, and now hosts his museum on the same 175-acre site near the Rangeley Lakes.

Lost in the swirl of controversy about his constant fight with U.S. governmental entities is his overall aim to aid the human race in general, and children specifically. To quote the institute's website: "He wrote eloquently and passionately about the importance of safeguarding the emotional health of infants and children, often referring to their 'unspoiled protoplasm' and 'unarmored life.'" To this day, the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust exists to serve that aim, and their continuing efforts include the use of a lakeside cabin on the grounds of the museum:

"Since 1988, from July through August, the Trust has donated this cabin free of charge to adoptive, foster, and kinship children and their families who could not otherwise afford a summer camp experience as a family. Every summer eight families get to spend a week at Tamarack which offers quiet, seclusion, access to the shores of Dodge Pond with their own private dock, and the opportunity to be together in the beauty of the Rangeley Lakes region."

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dandemalion said...


Reich is one of my all-time favorite historical figures. Has anyone here ever been to Organon? It's beautiful, and brilliant. The lab is (allegedly) as he left it, maintained by a couple of old ladies who are disciples. These women are marvelous for fierce conversation about the man as they remember him.

Most of the equipment was dismantled (by governmental decree) but still present. There's a cloudbuster on the front porch, another in the museum.

For a great read, I suggest the biography Fury on Earth by Myron Sharaf.