Thursday, December 01, 2005

Vampire Lezbos INVADE!!!

Portland's own deacons of underground conspiracy-theory based rock are back in town from San Franciso, on their "Expose the Truth" tour, playing tonight at legendary hotspot Geno's on Congress Street. The Vampire Lezbos are old favorites of the punk crowd, being founded appropriately in 1984, thank you George Orwell.

To quote their given AGENDA:
"The LEZBOS are a SOCIO-POLITICAL BAND with lyrical content focusing on that of SUPPRESSED KNOWLEDGE and OPPRESION OF THE MASSES.
What is it all about anyway? In no particular order: the extensive 'alien' presence on earth, known to most of the world's governments; time travel made possible in the 1940's; the earth being hollow(as are all planetary bodies, including the moon), and resided in; ...(snip huge chunk, go read it yourself if you like)... indoctrination disguised as education in our schools to produce apathetic consumers who perpetuate the system for the benefit of the few; the supressed knowledge that this universe is a subjective creation of our minds, and with that knowledge, can be changed...the list goes on. The bottom line being that we have all been lied to royally and with this information, society could finally know true liberation."

They'll be opened for by Covered In Bees, the best in Portland's new rock blood, and Big Meat Hammer, who are descendants of such Portland underground luminaries as the Gore Hounds (personal favorites of mine). Don't miss it!!!

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