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Ban on the son of the man from the Girl from UNCLE

Will Harrison, who is the son of actor/singer Noel Harrision, who played agent Mark Slate on The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., is also the grandson of Rex Harrison. He's been attracting a lot of attention with his antics lately. To quote the Cinema Retro site:
Try to imagine a scandal that directly or indirectly involves:
  • Legendary actor Rex Harrison

  • The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.

  • The Sound of Music

  • A public park in Maine

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Attacking actors playing Nazis with spray paint

    [Read the Cinema Retro writeup here: Source]
  • More on the event and the ones preceding it can be found on the Seacoast Online site:
    On Tuesday he could be found at the counter in the District Court clerk’s office, trying to straighten out some paperwork for a series of misdemeanor crimes for which he was arrested over the past couple of months.

    Behind him, security officers could be heard talking about his famous grandfather. To his left, a Herald reporter was asking questions about his famous father. To his right, a police officer was sticking around while a clerk figured out what to do about an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

    “I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone,” said Harrison, 35, with a broad smile.

    The warrant for his arrest was for failing to appear at the court for one of the open charges against him and running the gamut from spray painting the word “God” on a local bridge, pushing someone, and street fighting — to playing a guitar in Market Square while calling women who passed by “rude names.”

    “I’m bipolar,” Will told the reporter. “I had problems getting to my pills and it causes a mania when I don’t act like myself, which is really pretty civilized.”

    He didn’t make the recent court appearance, he said, because he went to New York City to visit some friends and to check into Bellevue Hospital for mental health treatment. He picked that hospital, he said, because “it’s the classic.”

    “No one wants to admit to being bipolar. There’s such a stigma,” said Harrison. “People with diabetes take insulin and there’s no problem. But it’s different when it’s the mind."

    Outside the courthouse, Portsmouth Police Officer Rochelle Jones approached to present Harrison with a no trespass order barring him from Prescott Park for a year. He signed it, then explained the “spontaneous” act “with an art statement” he committed during the local theater production and leading to his banishment from the park.

    Harrison said he put on a disguise of a cape and goggles, climbed onto the stage with a squirt gun and “squirted all the Nazis at the end.”

    “It’s sort of like a pro-Aryan movie,” he said. “Even the music is like pro-Hitler. I found it slightly offensive.”

    He then broke into a short chorus of Edelweiss.
    [for the full article, please click here: Source]
    The one thing that Cinema Retro got wrong? The park is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, not in Maine. Ah well! It's still neighboring weirdness, at any rate. Just over the river!

    Photo by Elizabeth Dinan from Seacoast Online.

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