Sunday, October 07, 2007

Maine nude launches may be banned

We've posted about Maine's enthusiastic-in-all-weather nudists before, but this neat little gimmick at the Black Frog Restaurant in the Moosehead Lake area escaped our attention until now. It would be sad if it was discontinued by one person's prudery just as we found out about it. Sounds like a good old fashioned North Woods dare to me!
'Naked Lunch' May Be Banned in Maine
Oct 6, 3:18 PM EDT

GREENVILLE, Maine (AP) -- [...] A sandwich called the Skinny Dip, featuring sliced prime rib in a baguette roll, has been offered free of charge anyone willing to plunge naked from The Black Frog Restaurant's dock into a lake.

Since the free sandwich offer was introduced three years ago, owner Leigh Turner has found plenty of takers. "We've had two or three a week," he said.

But now the promotion is running into trouble: A patron apparently suggested to selectmen that the activity be banned.
The skinny dip was typically done at night, no frontal nudity was exposed to customers and a towel was readily available, Turner said. "Most everybody applauded" after the plunge, Turner said.
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No mention was made of whether the dip is done in all weathers.

Photo from the Black Frog's website.

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James873 said...

Life is too complex to mess it up, I appreciate what the resturant is trying to do. James Harrison, Silver Spring MD