Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Zombies Invade Biddeford!

Anyone who was in downtown Biddeford on Saturday night may have been alarmed to see small groups of zombies staggering down the street. Thankfully they were not ripping limbs from innocent pedestrians or causing carnage. They were on their way to the City Theatre for the premiere of the new zombie movie, "2", produced by local filmmakers,Emptyhouse Film.

For those who missed the event, here are some photos from the night, including some of the entrants in the zombie costume contest. Those who bemoan the lack of blood should keep in mind that contestants were asked not to douse themselves in blood, as it would not be a good idea to ruin the seats in the theatre.
zombie poster art

Andy Davis on the mic

zombie Mr. T. pities the undead fool

zombie couples compete to be the best undead

some of the contestants in the zombie contest

all photos (c) Chris Wallace

more photos from the premiere of "2"

"2" was shot in Biddeford earlier this year involving a cast of more than 100 zombies, who gladly braved the frigid February temperatures to give their best impression of carnivorous stumbling death.

If you'd like to see behind the scenes photos of the making of "2", including makeup, zombie attacks, and lots of blood, here are some links.

photos from the zombie casting call and several days of filming

even more photos from filming

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