Sunday, October 07, 2007

Horror on the Radio Waves

I've been wanting to write a piece about this quiet little element in Portland's audio scene for quite some time, and the recent addition of an eerie William Hope Hodgson episode to their repertoire seems like the perfect opportunity. To quote Radio Drama Revival's blog:
This is the premiere broadcast of a new work by Mind’s Eye Productions, an excellent audio theater operation run locally by the celebrated audiobook narrator William Dufris. Dufris lends his amazing talent to his audio theater work and pairs it with excellent sound effects and eerie music, resulting in stories that will leave you unable to get out of bed for a while. Today’s story is a thrilling adaptation of William Hope Hodgson’s “The Derelict,” about a crew of sailors that finds a strange boat adrift in the endless ocean, and discovers all too gruesomely the reason for its abandonment.
You can go to the Radio Drama Revival site to download the story and listen to it for yourself.

For years now, the folks at the Portland-based Mind's Eye Productions have been cranking out a slow but steady stream of Old Time Radio style recordings of horrific tales, under the series name of Nightmares on Congress Street. Their newest series is being released in 2008, under the title of Horrorscope, presented by Maine horror author Rick Hautala. I can't wait!

To see more about these audio theater series, check out their website, and listen to some samples!

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finalrune said...

Thanks a lot for the press! I've had a lot of fun running the show and putting together this ghoulish line-up, and nothing made me more happy than to feature this unsettling story by the local and great William Dufris.

I'll be running another one of his that I find equally terrifying on Halloween, an adaptation of Lovecraft's "The Statement of Randolph Carter." Adding to the fray will be an adaptation of a Joe R. Lansdale piece by The Grist Mill down in Lowell, Mass and my own work, "Dark Passenger."

My piece is one of those classic Downeast Maine haunted house stories with a few gruesome twists... It's recorded on location in an old house on Maine's coast, with all local actors, local music, local sounds... and local terror! If you like all you've heard so far, I think you'll like Dark Passenger. And if you just can't wait till Halloween, check out another one of my spooky stories, The Blind Man's Confession.

Thanks again for the attention and please let me know what you think of the stories!


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