Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cabin Fever Remedy!

Stuck inside because of the mile-wide swath of mud and ice outside your house? Dying for some entertainment to kill a few minutes? Look no further!

Inspired by a recent Maine Sunday Telegram article, the blog Blissful Days has put together a fine assortment of video samples of ingenious Maine sports, including the fine pursuit of Pumpkin Boats, as previously reported here in our post Enormous Pumpkin Demands Motor.



cathy said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog and linking to us. Thinking I may start a "Maine bloggers of interest linklist" and this blog of yours would be included. My husband just moved to Maine so trying to educate him about the good and "weird" about Maine.

Michelle said...

Cathy-- Happy to link to such an entertaining story! I'd be flattered if you'd add us to your links. There is plenty that's good and weird about Maine, I'm sure he'll find that out in no time. :) It's the place to be!