Thursday, March 27, 2008

mystery and drama on Portland radio

Strange Maine readers who enjoy the company of the good old wireless- be it a high-tech receiver or an old vacuum-tube antique, can tune in to Portland-based WLOB on Sunday evenings and listen to radio dramas and the Twilight Zone. The frequencies are AM 1310, or 96.3 FM, and the entertainment begins at 6pm with the Twilight Zone, and continues with a variety of classic programs (including The Green Hornet, for example) and concludes at 11pm with another one-hour Twilight Zone episode. Great listening for the living room or the front yard- and the price is right!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great plug on Strange Maine!

With us, it's "Radio Free WLOB, Southern, Central, and Western Maine and Eastern New Hampshire". Also please mention that when the Red Sox are on, you can get the Sunday RadioClassics only on 1310 AM; 96/3 airs the Sox during the season. Thanks much!

- JJ Jeffrey, WLOB Management