Sunday, March 30, 2008

Again with the boar's head...

Most peculiarly, the Bangor Daily News reported that a rash of various animal body parts and animal home invasions peppered the Hancock area the other week. Even more oddly, it all seemed to be the result of perfectly natural animal behavior. Shown here is a more traditional "with garland" version of a boar's head, as opposed to the more contemporary "at the end of the driveway" Maine version.
Woman finds boar's head in driveway
By Bill Trotter
Wednesday, March 19, 2008 - Bangor Daily News

BAR HARBOR, Maine - A wild boar's head was found Monday in the driveway of a local home, but at this point there is no reason to think there is anything suspicious or criminal about the incident, according to police.

A woman returned to her home on Sand Point Road around noon Monday to find the severed head in her driveway, Officer Thom Tardiff said Tuesday. The head seemed to be the result of a recent kill, he said.
The woman is a dog sitter and speculated that one of the dogs she is taking care of may have found the head somewhere and dragged it into the driveway, the officer said. He said the woman had the head moved into the nearby woods.
"Hopefully, it’s the last boar head I see in the near future," he said.

It’s not the only strange animal incident Tardiff has dealt with this week. The officer also received a report of a severed deer leg found March 12 on Route 3 between Champlain and Dorr mountains. The leg bore old wounds, he said, and could have been severed when the deer was hit by a vehicle. No three-legged deer was found at the scene.

Also on March 12, Tardiff received a complaint about a basement being trashed in a home on Barberry Lane. Someone or something broke in through a window, knocked over furniture and tore down exposed insulation, but did not go through any unlocked doors, he said. A basement door that leads outside had been forced outward, bending a bolt that had held it shut.

Based on the damage and the apparent path the invader took in getting into and out of the basement, Tardiff said, it appeared a bear was to blame, though there was no sign of claw marks or bear tracks in or outside the home.

"It was very odd," the officer said.

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Elliott said...

Wasn't me, though I do have boar's head tattoo (the picture is inverted in case you are wondering).

Michelle said...

Elliott-- Sweet ink! Very nice work. *grin* And a nice tangent to the topic. I approve!