Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Lighthouse Strikes Back

Wow! Okay, this should be a fun show -- submit your art now!!! (see below for more info from Chris Dingwell at Sanctuary)From Chris:

I wanted to let you know about our JUNE art exhibit -- "YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE"

I'm very excited to announce that we are going to be doing a group show of really crazy, whacky, totally screw-ball LIGHTHOUSE ART! the show goes up in June; June 4th to be exact, and anyone can participate.

The only stipulations are:
  • The work must be about or include some form of LIGHTHOUSE image

  • It must of course be your own original artwork

  • It must be non-traditional in some form; how is up to you, as long as it goes beyond the usual Maine Lighthouse postcard art. Using such images for the sake of satire is of course totally appropriate as well.

    We already have a bunch of great local artists on board, but we always need more! Show us what you have. If you are intending to submit three-dimensional work, please contact Chris Dingwell at the gallery first, otherwise no pre-approval is necessary. All work must be delivered to the gallery by Wednesday, JUNE 4th. Work that doesn't meet the criteria will not be included.

    For more information, contact
    Sanctuary Tattoo and Art Gallery
    31 forest Ave.
    Portland, Maine 04101
    e-mail: chris[at]
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