Thursday, April 10, 2008

CALL FOR ART: Man-Witch Mayhem!

In addition to the recent, weird, very non-traditional lighthouse-themed call for art from Sanctuary Tattoo, we have another exciting opportunity for Maine artists. TIME TO GET BUSY!

Portland metal band Man-Witch has announced a terrifying new prospect for local artists -- The Man-Witch Art Show!

Draw the Death Truck! Draw the Flaming Pillow of Fear! Draw the Necro-Atomic-Abominomicon! Heck, draw the Super Ultra Mega Terrifyafearinator! (...if you dare)

The dates:
  • Open Submissions will be accepted at Geno's Rock Club from July 11 to July 25. Art must be ready to hang! Sorry, no freestanding sculpture (the lobby is a little too trafficked and hazardous for freestanding art to survive long). Limit 3 pieces per artist, please. Entry forms will be provided at drop-off.

  • On August 1st the First Friday Artwalk opening for the show will be held, followed by live rock with MAN-WITCH!!! ARRRGHHHHHH!!!!

  • The Man-Witch Art Show will be available for viewing at Geno's from August 1 to September 3.
  • Use any media you like -- photos! comic strips! collage! paint! ink! ...and other things too numerous to be mentioned without causing insanity!!!

    Other subjects for prospective artists to ponder include Thunderhog, Ape Bait, Some Sword, Skull Island, Zombie Zü, not to mention the unmentionable band members Stella Hell, Max Headwound, Jurgen A. Rocknow (see flyer image above), and The Doctor & Benjamin Von Franklinstein! Do not hesitate to plunder their origin stories and more from their MySpace site,, or simply listen to their downloadable song samples for hours on end and thereby inducing an art frenzy of epic proportions (it happens)!

    Sponsored by the Art Horde!

    Photos of Jurgen and the band as shown here are all by Chris Wallace (Flickr links feature photos by yours truly).

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    Leslie said...

    Looks like fun! I can't wait to see what people come up with...Great, now I'll be thinking all day of ideas of what I'd do!