Thursday, May 15, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Zombie Kickball III for 2008!

Yes folks, it is going to happen. ZOMBIE KICKBALL III!!! The frolicking of the happy undead on the Eastern Prom will take place sometime very soon. I have spoken with the top secret Representative Zombie and I have been assured that all we are waiting for is a field reservation.

Once we have this exciting information in hand, dear friends of zombiedom, we will assuredly let you know!!!

Plans are in the works for an Undead Lemonade Stand to provide much-needed refreshment for the languishing teams in the heat of their sportsman-ish-like competition. We are hoping the cheerful band of zombie musicians will be there once again, doing their own special brand of rabblerousing and jazzing the crowd up with their unique razzmatazz whizzbang ditties!

Depending on the situation, it may or may not happen Memorial Day weekend, as is customary, so please don't show up to terrorize any Little Leaguers without the rest of the group. It just wouldn't do!
For glimpses of our coverage of past years' activity, please click here. Zombie Kickball is for all ages! Kids, parents, student, senior citizens, you name it! And if you don't feel like wearing zombie makeup and whatnot, come and cheer everyone on, or throw a "ZOMBIE FOOD" nametag on and go for it. It is the silliest of all ways to welcome summer.

Last year there were zombie nurses, zombies in wheelchairs, zombie slayers, zombie accident victims, zombie kindergarteners, zombie musicians, and many many other zombie characters too numerous to mention here. Want to see what it looked like? Click here to see my photos on Flickr! Come one, come all, and join the fun!

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