Friday, May 02, 2008

EVENT: Freddy Silva on Crop Circles & more

Please note for this event there is a suggested donation of $5-10!
WHO: Spiritual Horizons Maine hosts a Freddy Silva presentation
WHAT: "Orbs, Crop Circles and Sacred Spaces: The Manifestation of Soul"
WHEN: Tuesday, May 6 at 7:00pm
WHERE: 75 State Street, Portland. Entrance to event is through Gray Street side entrance.

"In recent years, the phenomenon of orbs and other luminosities, captured on cameras around the world has raised intriguing debate on the origin of angels, ET contact, even the human soul. Tonight, researcher Freddy Silva will share a 90-slide presentation examining various personal and eyewitness interactions with these fascinating light forms. He will also share the results of experiments that attracted orbs in Egyptian temples, their relationship to crop circles and sacred sites, and how their origin may be associated with the 'giants' or 'tall ones' from our ancient history. Talk about a 'standing room only' event! Suggested donation $5-10."

Open to all. Refreshments served. Donations are welcome.

To read more about Silva's theories about crop circles, please click here:

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