Friday, May 23, 2008

Zombie KB III Tips!

From the ZKIII MySpace blog come these helpful tips (click here to go to the Zombie Kickball site):
ZKIII - How to Help
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Zombie Kickball has been swamped with friend requests! Our inbox has been flooded with messages. So many friends of ZKIII have proclaimed their affection for the event, and pledged their undying devotion to the team! A lot of you have even offered to lend us a hand… or an arm… and a leg… in wrangling the undead hordes for the game.

Friends of ZKIII can do a couple of things – right now – to help us in corralling the zombies for game day.

Tell your friends about Zombie Kickball! Everyone is welcome at this event - participants and spectators alike.

Think about your role! Will you be documenting the event? Will you be playing kickball? Or will you be involved in the game in some other capacity – do you want to be a coach, a team captain, an umpire, a cheerleader, a marching band member? Will you be a spectator? Will you be cheering from the bleachers, or waving a banner or sign from the behind the fence? Will you be sitting on the lawn?

There will be a "refreshment stand" at this year's event. We will bring a table and drinks (water, iced tea and lemonade, along with cups and napkins) to the game. Maybe you'd like to bring some snacks?

We would like there to be a "first-aid tent" this year, as well. If somebody hurts themselves, we will (of course) call 9-1-1. But if somebody's make-up runs, we can send them to the "medic" for a touch-up. Maybe you'd like to bring your skills?

Think about your character! Are you an infected civilian? Are you an uninfected civilian, or a zombie survivalist? Or are you a re-animated corpse? If you're a zombie, what were the circumstances of your life, and death? Where were you when you died and re-animated? How long have you been undead? Are you a new zombie that is still relatively human-looking, or are you an old braineater that barely looks human anymore? How do you move? What do you sound like? How do you act in the presence of humans, and how do you relate to other ghouls?

Think about your costume! Do you have the clothes for your battered and bloody costume? Do you have the theatrical make-up to complete your bloody and grisly look? Do you know how to apply that make-up? Do you need to make any props?

If there is a first aid tent at this year's event, and you don't know how to apply theatrical make-up, perhaps you can have your make-up done by a medic prior to the game.

You can also do a thing or two – in a few weeks – to help us in herding the boils and ghouls on game day. We will post some more information here as it becomes available, and shortly before the game.

And remember… Nobody owns Maine's Zombie Kickball – it belongs to Portland's community. Feel free to message and comment as you like – all of your suggestions are welcome.

Thank you for all your support!

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