Friday, May 09, 2008

Strange Maine WMPG interview

You might remember that back in April I mentioned that Dan Knight, who hosts the bi-weekly show "Random Thought Crime Generator" on WMPG in Portland ME, was going to interview me live on the air April 14th, 2008. It did happen, and was great fun. We talked about the Strange Maine Gazette and the Strange Maine blog, and delicious topics -- from cryptozoology to the world of zines, and beyond.

Tonight, I finally finished squaring away the audiofile, got it formatted as an MP3, and edited it to exclude the musical playlist of the show to bypass copyright issues, and found an online home for it so folks could finally hear it.

Click the player below to listen, or visit the hosting site here.

If you want to download the file, just go to the hosting website here, and where the link to "Original" is, just mouseover and either right-click to "Save As" (PC users) or hit CTRL and click to "Download Linked File" (Mac Users). It's about 35MB.


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coins said...

Hey - now that is clear that your fans are also readers of the Portland Phoenix, any chance you will ad a Phoenix link to your page?