Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hockey Pucks from Heaven

Kittery... ahhh Kittery. Who knew you were home to such weirdness? The Gentle Wind Project, professing to be a beneficient organization fueled by Spirit World inspiration and energies, sells their "healing instruments" for a pretty penny. If you would like to see what is really inside one of their "instruments," there is a very nicely done concise expose of them by Dave Touretzky that will prove very educational.

Mr. Touretzky thinks they look rather like hockey pucks, and whereas he has handled one and I've only seen photos you may find him a more reliable source, but gosh, they sure look like paperweights to me. However, Gentle Wind's site refers to them literally as "Healing Pucks," so I am shown to be misguided.

Please note that, according to Gentle Wind's website, "The Instruments are organized from least to most expensive with such factors as level of involvement, support for this project and affordability defining their ultimate donation amount. All Instruments are completely effective for most people but NOT everyone. However, the Advanced Instruments requiring a higher donation also consume much greater research, development, design and manufacturing costs. That extra investment of time and energy translates into Advanced Instruments capable of penetrating deeper into the human auric structure and physical energetic system. All Instruments can be upgraded and are guaranteed to work for at least 3 years. "

Wow, great, I was worried my paperweight was going to become obsolete and outmoded. Please note that the actual price of the instruments is no longer shown directly on the website.

Another interesting point made by the site is that "clinical trials have been done and some of the results are on the Comments page of this website. In a few cases clinical trials were terminated because the investigators were overwhelmingly satisfied with the effectiveness of our technology and did not wish to deprive the control groups of the relief they found immediately with the experimental groups."

I'm sure that every scientific study should be so lucky as to allow humane interests to interfere with the actual completion of proofs necessary to promulgate their findings in the scientific society at large.

Whew, folks -- chalk another one up for the strangeness of Maine! For more information, please see the High Weirdness page about this whole shebang.


Carl Starrett said...

The attorney general for the State of Maine has filed a lawsuit to shut this group down:

Michelle said...

Carl-- Thanks for the link. It seems like the group has a tendency to do far more harm than good...