Sunday, February 26, 2006

Loren Coleman in the news

The Boston Globe has printed a good interview with Maine cryptozoologist Loren Coleman in its Magazine this Sunday. Coleman discusses the 20% of mysterious animal sightings that cannot be explained away -- the thing that keeps him going and keeps the lure of mystery strong. He also discusses his day job as a consultant at the Maine Youth Suicide Program, giving us a little seen glimpse of his everyday life. The piece also features a masterful photographic portrait of Coleman by Tanit Sakakini, taken for the Globe.

In addition, Binnall of America has just posted over 100 minutes of interview audio with Coleman, available as MP3, podcasts, or streaming audio. This interview runs the gamut from Bigfoot to Chupacabra to suicide, predictions for 2006, to the background that drives Coleman in his studies.

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