Thursday, February 02, 2006

Octopus Attack!!!

In a strange twist of fate, a small group of Portlanders who ventured south to the wilds of Worcester, Massachusetts for the Rock and Shock Horror Convention/Music Festival back in October 2005 met an octopus in grisly battle. He was ferocious I tell you!!!

The rampaging beastie was eventually subdued and subjected to a humiliating trophy photo shoot, which remains our only record of this strange historic event. Now christened Eugene Lovey (after H.P. Lovecraft), the octopod dwells at The Hive with us, where he lurks on the wall over our bed, after having been presented as a most glorious wedding gift.

The octopus wranglers pictured are, from left to right:
Tristan, Salli, Michelle, Lisa, Greg (below), and Peri (who named the beast).

In perhaps an even stranger twist of the tale, Tristan and I visited his original intended home, Skull Kingdom, while on our honeymoon excursion in Orlando Florida.

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