Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Update on "Maine" WICKER MAN

Back in January, Chris D reported on the new remake of the famous "Wicker Man" movie, which is placed in Maine (although filmed in Vancouver). For those of you feeling out of the loop, it stars Nicholas Cage as a rosary and self-help tape bearing investigator who is allergic to bees (this will make only slightly more sense as the article goes on), and Ellen Burstyn as the leader of the now-matriarchal pagan society on the island.

A September article in The Scotsman reveals more controversy than usual surrounding the remake. Some of the complaints include those from Robin Hardy, the director of the 1972 original, whose name was bandied about in a deluge of publicity material put out by the new production claiming him as their writer, when he has nothing to do with the new script at all.

Some of the major complaints about the new film, in addition to the basic ones about its not being Scottish, and not being filmed in the place it's supposed to take place in, include some glances askance at the additional plot device of... (drumroll please)...


Yes folks, if you feel your movie needs more oomph, just send these sweeties in. Phhh!

Will Wicker Man fever sweep Maine, despite the film's abject snubbing of us for use as an actual location? Already there is a band which has renamed itself the Wicker Man (formerly Here Be Dragons).

Nicholas Cage was very pleased to play his part in the remake, because the original disturbed him greatly when he first saw it, and the impressions from the film lasted for weeks. He was introduced to the film by his friend, the late Johnny Ramone. (Source) Please note how confused he looks in this photo. This should allow moviegoers a sense of identification with his character as they too will most likely be terribly confused all through the movie.

Local pagans have been heard to say, "They never will get the details right, will they? For one thing, it's volcanos where we throw virgins, not Wicker Men, and for another, it's virgin MEN, not young girls. And where's the giant crocodile? There is supposed to be a giant crocodile! Some anthropologists they are..."

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