Thursday, February 16, 2006

Weirdness by Request -- Now Available!

Those of you who are in the know might like to know that the third installment of the Zero Unlimited BBS Archives is heading out shortly. Those who are not on my mailing list already (and if you are not sure if you are or not, or if you have moved), please email me with your address if you would like a copy, at msouliere AT

Join the fun as Mr. Freeman goes to Europe, and invokes his Law-Giver Wonka status, implementing Ape Law back at the office, including but not limited to: construction of an underground chocolate river with cheese quicksand pit at the end, Little Lord Fauntleroy Fop Friday, Bigfoot fight betting rings, wig wearing policy, the import of monkey parts for Wonka Monkey Powder development, the opening of a ZU hokeypokey, and many more unbelievable things. Trust us.

In other news: brain is broken. Must quit job. have had Shoggoth on the Roof songs stuck in my head for two days now, including "ishy ishy fish" and "blub blub blub blub bloody bloody blub" lyrics from "If I Were a Deep One." very much wish to be at home watching "Clue" right now, or in studio making crazy art. More as events warrant.

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