Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Krakow We're Not, But...

Someone over at Frommer's travel guide really had a good time in Portland, because they just named Portland among the top world travel destinations. Yes, I said WORLD! And I'm not talking a piddly ranking like 200-and-something... we hit #12, right behind Zurich, Switzerland. Weird...
The votes are in! Portland, Maine was voted one of the twelve surprising, thriving and emerging travel destinations by the editors at Frommer's Travel Guides and The editors scoured the globe and polled a stable of authors and experts to identify the top spots. Portland is listed at number twelve among the top travel destinations not to be missed in 2007.

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Frommer's top destinations are:

1) Krakow, Poland
2) Tokyo, Japan
3) Minneapolis, Minnesota
4) Panama
5) Asheville, North Carolina
6) Ethiopia
7) Portland, Oregon
8) Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Island
9) Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
10) Glen Canyon, Utah
11) Zurich, Switzerland
12) Portland, Maine
Photo (c)2006 by Michelle Souliere.


Anonymous said...

I live only 80 kilometers south-east from Krakow in the small village of Siemiechow. Too bad my village couldn't make it into Frommer's list! By the way, Maine is a great place. My parents own a home near Gardiner, a beautiful little town.

Michelle Souliere said...

Hi Eugene! Yes, Gardiner is a very nice little town -- I visited there for the first time this year to attend a Kennebec Historical Society talk about the use of mummy wrappings for paper pulp in the mills there and elsewhere in New England! Very interesting stuff.

What took you to Poland? That must be an interesting place to live too! :)