Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Maine Mutant in 1906?

Guest post by Loren Coleman:

from the
Lewiston Sun Journal
Looking Back

Monday, November 13, 2006

[November 13, 1906 - 100 Years Ago]

The hunters over Kenduskeag way are on the trail of a strange animal which has been haunting the woods and pastures in that vicinity for some months past. This animal, according to stories of those who have seen it, seems to be a hybrid of some sort, perhaps a cross between a bear and a bobcat. Only a week ago the animal was seen in a pasture near the road at Worcester's siding. The animal was apparently hunting for field mice and paid little attention to the people in the carriage driving along the road.


barbi said...

Please if there were to be a creature that existed like the one described well it would be pretty big right? well than y in the sam hell would it be just sitting on the side of the road watching people in carriages ride by..."hunting for mice"...come on mice..if that creature existed it would be HUGE it would be hunting PEOPLE!!!!! so i dont believe this dumb hokey story

Creativeboy7 said...

Hey! You must not be from Maine. If you were,then you most likely would have at least heard of the beast carcass found. It obviously is real if they found a body! Look it up! I'm not trying to be rude, but sheesh!(>_<)

Michelle said...

You might not have noticed that this post was about news from 1906. Historic, in other words, not current. Loren actually examined the carcass, so no worries -- he knows that THAT version of the beast is dead.