Monday, November 06, 2006

Lifesized Plywood Sheriff Brigade Running Rampant

Ted Blais has found an interesting way to attract attention to his candidacy for Sheriff. He’s fashioned 80 plywood sheriff silhouettes which are moved each morning to a new high traffic location.

photos from Blais for Sheriff website

Press Herald article on the eye catching signage


Jack Zall said...

OK I'm probably still not voting for him, but that's just dead snazzy and he gets double extra cool points for the creativity.

Veda said...

I was passing through Scarborough last week and was curious why they were taking down the silhouetted
sherrifs....thanks for clearing that up....also I am a first time commenter here on Strange Maine and I just wanted to say how much I love it, thanks!

Michelle said...

Jack-- Yeah, points definitely need to be given to him for creativity and effort!

Veda-- Glad you like our blog! Thanks for dropping in and commenting. I, too, would be curious to see a bunch of signs being pulled down around election time...