Monday, November 20, 2006

Police Scanner Tidbits

In the August 3, 2006, issue of the Windham Independent, the Police Scanner mentions a few interesting items.
July 28, 12:07pm -- Steven D. Sanborn, 36, or Portland and Gloria J. Santamore, 65, of Biddeford were arrested at Wal-Mart for attempting to steal a cart full of lobsters. Officer Ray Williams made the arrest.
Apparently they were hungry. How did they think they were going to sneak out with a CART FULL of lobsters?!
July 27, 7:52pm -- Someone on Falmouth Road reported hearing gunshots. Officers Paul Cox and Wayne Cote investigated but heard nothing.
Yes, but did they SEE anything?

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Anonymous said...

get your facts straight. it was a missunderstanding, and the charges were dropped!