Tuesday, February 13, 2007

700-pound rabbit?

Actually, it's a donkey. But the comparison has been made!
Free as a donkey
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
PITTSFIELD (AP) - An exasperated farmer has tried for weeks to corral his runaway donkey. He tried coaxing her. He tried tranquilizing her. He even tried using a horse whisperer. But Jenny the donkey has proven to be elusive, evading capture and enduring bitter cold during the past three weeks on the lam.

Varricchio and Mary Gaeta decided to buy Jenny two months ago because they'd heard that having a donkey around the farm would ward off predators like fox, coyotes and raccoons that have been snatching 50 to 60 hens a year. But this donkey had a mind of her own, fleeing the corral on Jan. 18, a couple of weeks after arriving at the farm, called "Mary's Gardens."

Varricchio said his son shot Jenny with a tranquilizer dart, but she ran away into the woods. Apparently it had no effect, because she was up and about when they located her two hours later, he said. They tried putting tranquilizers in her food. That didn't work, either.
Lewis said Jenny might be wandering on 30 acres of woods behind the farm because she's searching for her mate, from whom she was separated at an auction. Her donkey buddy is now believed to be residing somewhere in New Hampshire.
It's not easy catching a critter that doesn't want to be caught, Lewis said. "It's kind of like chasing a 700-pound rabbit," she said.
Maybe someone can get those two back together for Valentine's Day, eh?

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