Friday, February 02, 2007

Bagel Brouhaha Ends in Arrest

The Lewiston Sun Journal reported that a pair of 19-year-old twins were hauled off to the clinker after hucking bagels at eachother in a school foodfight in Hiram, Maine.
Food fight ends in arrests
By Jessica Alaimo , Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Twin brothers charged after Sacopee Valley fracas
HIRAM - School food fights usually don't end in arrests, but Friday was an exception when twin brothers were taken to the Oxford County Jail after a school cafeteria incident.

Darin and Daniel Hoyt, who turned 19 on Saturday, were arrested around 11 a.m. Friday at Sacopee Valley High School on charges of disorderly conduct and criminal threatening.

Oxford County Sheriff's Office Deputy Joshua Wyman, the interim school resource officer, said the two were throwing bagels at each other when a teacher told them to stop.
Wyman said the twins "acted belligerent" toward him and threatened his life. They were arrested and later released from the jail on an unsecured bond.

"They were threatening everybody and anybody," Wyman said.

According to the Hoyt family, however, the incident was blown out of proportion.
Darin admitted to throwing a bagel at his brother during a food fight involving other students. After a disagreement with the teacher, he said Wyman grabbed him by the wrist to the point where it hurt.

"I told him I'd punch him in the face," Darin said.

Daniel said he tried to stick up for his brother, and Wyman grabbed him too.

"I didn't even threaten him at all," Daniel said.
The best foodfights I ever saw were in the Deering High cafeteria. The gigantic plate glass windows made for some terrific visuals. I was coming down the stairs past the windows when one was going on back in the late 80s, and have very vivid impressions of a number of ballistic foodstuffs. A half pint carton of chocolate milk exploded against the window, and also visible was a stalwart assailant swirling an apple overhead in a makeshift sling made of a plastic produce bag, ready for launching. Ahh, food fights.

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