Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Great way to start the day

I was browsing around on the Village Soup website this morning, when I found a very interesting story:
When I was a young teen, my sister two years older, my papa (grandfather) took us and my grandma into the woods up on the ledges of lake megunticook. While up there, high ontop of the thick wooded area, we came across...ok...I really am telling the sister and I saw a indian sitting in a porcelian bathtub taking a bath in the middle of the thick branched forest.

My papa seemed as shocked as my sister and I were. My grandma was speechless. I don't remember her saying a word at all. My papa got me and my sister outta there as fast as he could. I will never forget seeing that.
To read the full post by Valerie Wass, click here.

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