Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ghostly Dinner Guests in Cape Elizabeth

New England Curiosities Walking Tours is heading indoors for a winter event in nearby Cape Elizabeth. The event is a little pricey compared with most ghost tours, but the ticket includes a "five star dinner" which is uncommon in this trade. "Investigation" might be a strong word to use, judging from the description of the evening, but it sounds like a pleasant way to spend a few hours on a wintry February evening for any ghost story lovers out there.
Dining With The Ghost Bride Tour and Investigation

We are now accepting reservations for "Dinner With the Ghost Bride and Investigation With The Ghost Project." This three hour paranormal investigation and dinner will stir your imagination and send shivers down your spine.

Join us for a haunted evening at the beautiful and elegant Inn By The Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. A delicious three course dinner is included along with a fascinating tour of the grounds where bride-to-be Lydia Carver is buried in a quaint cemetery. The fate and final hours of Lydia's ship and bridal party will come to life in the location of the shipwreck.

Our costumed guide will also take you on a walk along the beach (weather permitting) where Lydia's lost soul is said to wander. Her tragic tale, along with numerous stories of her ghostly presence at the Inn will captivate you over dinner.

$52.95 (plus gratuities) per person including a 5 star dinner. New stories of Lydia's haunting presence turn up on a weekly basis at the Inn. Photographs we've taken on this tour often turn out to have mysterious unexplained anomolies, will yours? Experience an event that may make you a believer in the paranormal...

February 23 at 7:00 pm. Email us to purchase tickets and to place your reservation, space limited.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for listing our event. We are really conducting an Investigation with the New England Ghost Project, who will be bringing along their resident pyschic Maureen Wood and other paranormal specialists. Our goal is to visit as many areas of the property and see if any discoveries can be made.

~Roxie - NE Curiosities