Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Call for help: Endangered Cryptozoology Museum!

Loren Coleman, Maine's famed and friendly cryptozoology expert, has emerged from an encounter with the IRS with a new mission and a serious goal -- to finally get the International Cryptozoology Museum set up for regular public access, to set it up to sustain itself, and to enlist the help of anyone who is excited about that prospect. If you would like to read the whole story, or if you know it already and just want to make a donation to the museum, please go to its new website, which has a "donate" button right at the top of the page:

The long and the short of it? According to Coleman, "Realistically, for the museum to continue alone, I have set a goal of $15,000 to raise for the museum in the next three months, to keep the International Cryptozoology Museum alive and deal with finding and moving into new space. I need to find a location that is affordable, which gets good people traffic. In the future, in a new location, the museum will charge a bit and be set up to sell many kinds of cryptozoology books (beyond my own) and cz objects."

He goes on to say: "If you wish to contribute now, a little bit or a lot, I thank you. You can use my email ( to send me money via PayPal. Or you may directly send a check made out to:"

International Cryptozoology Museum
c/o Loren Coleman
PO Box 360
Portland, ME 04112

For those of us who have been lucky to spend a little time amidst the cryptozoological and cultural wonders of the Museum's collection, it is easy to vouch for it and to say that it is something that everyone should be able to see for the price of admission. Loren is a hard worker, who has traveled many miles and many years in quest of the mysteries that fascinate so many of us sitting in our armchairs (so to speak). This is a tremendous opportunity to step forward and give his work the little push it needs to wind up on top for years to come. Hear, hear!!!

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