Monday, July 21, 2008

More on weekend's wild storm

There's a great article in the Bangor Daily News about the storm, including photos of the hail. Check it out! Remarkable eyewitness accounts abound, including flying pigs!
A "Wizard of Oz"-type storm Saturday produced a "wall of hail" so heavy it pounded pumpkins into mush and a wind so fierce it lifted a dog and two pigs into the air and peeled off a roof on Happy Corner Road, residents said Sunday. No one was injured.

The storm, which brought hail, thunder, lightning and very high winds, emerged from Baxter State Park, according to residents of the road who live about a mile south of downtown Patten.

Happy Corner Road is at the north end of Baxter State Park. The storm went around Mount Katahdin to the north and came through the woods in basically a straight line, resident Sean Kelley recalled Sunday.


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