Monday, July 14, 2008

Return of the Whistler

The night of Saturday, July 12th, was a wretched one for many Parkside residents in Portland. Beyond the unbearably sweltering weather, a singular annoyance was added -- the Whistler. It was too hot to comfortably close windows, and the whistling was too piercing to ignore. Last night the neighborhood waited uncomfortably, comparing notes from house to house, neighbor to neighbor, about suspicious neighborhood activity. But the Whistler stayed away.

BUT NOT TONIGHT!!! Oh no, ladies and gentlemen, tonight she was back in full swing, and forewarned, everyone paid more attention this time. It was quickly discovered by observation that there were two whistlers, apparently signaling back and forth to each other, a blonde (see photo) and a woman with darker hair, who was often in the company of a somewhat short Hispanic male.

Initial efforts managed to alert the police to their presence, and the blonde was stopped and questioned by the police at the corner of Mellen Street and Sherman Street. Unfortunately, due to the fact that they could not prove any wrongdoing (I'm not sure why disturbing the peace doesn't qualify), they had to let her go with a warning. Officers David Mulry and Brad Rogers encouraged neighbors to continue to call in to the Portland Police Department's dispatch number to alert the force to the whereabouts of the miscreants. That number, for those of you who would like to join in assisting, is 874-8575.

The apparent activity (in case you think it's just about the whistling -- it's not!) is, as near as we in the neighborhood can figure, a signalling system for prostitution and drug-based relay transactions.

Tonight after she had departed from the police's company, stayed quiet again for a while, and then returned to her ear-piercing activity about an hour later. An enterprising neighbor took the opportunity to take her photo (see right, click on photo to view larger version). So if you see her around -- BEWARE, and feel free to call the police if she is making her rounds.

The woman's description is as follows, with some allowance for difference due to the dark nighttime conditions:
  • Height: around 5 foot 6 inches, possibly on the shorter side of that measurement

  • Hair: blonde, long, pulled back in a ponytail

  • Wearing: jeans, long and slightly flared at the bottom, brown tank top

  • Overall: Caucasian (white), mid-twenties to mid-thirties in age, unsteady walk, tattoos across tops of breasts and around left arm

  • UPDATE: Bill Nemitz has done an article about the events, click here to read. The West End News continues to print updates, including the most recent round of whistling and the resultant stings. On the latest spate of annoyances:
    Monday, August 4, 2008
    Parkside Gets 5AM Whistling Wakeup Call

    Parkside residents were awakened at 5AM on Saturday morning, August 2nd by the Parkside Whistler, who has plagued the neighborhood for three week. Residents first reported that an unidentified woman roamed the area of State Street between Grant and Sherman on the night of July 12th, keeping residents awake with her whistling. And two nights later, the woman was reportedly joined by another woman and possibly others.

    Residents of the Parkside neighborhood are considering the reinstitution of the Parkside Crime Watch to deal with what they say is an upsurge in prostitution and drug-related activity in the neighborhood. Police have been doubling up patrol in Parkside according to Parkside Neighborhood Association President Diane Edwards. Prostitution stings have been carried out and drug-related evictions have occurred in two houses, according to Edwards.

    About 30 Parkside residents met with Parkside State Representative Herb Adams, West End City Councilor David Marshall, and police officials to discuss possible solutions. The issue will be a topic of discussion at the next Parkside Neighborhood Association meeting on August 14th.Source]
    On the stings:
    Wednesday, August 6, 2008
    Eight Arrested in Parkside Sting

    Portland police officer Amie Lynn Rapa, working undercover on July 30th, arrested eight men who were charged with
    engaging a prostitute in the Parkside neighborhood, where residents have voiced complaints to police about prostitution
    The men’s ages ranged from 22 to 75, and all were from the Portland area.

    Day Directed Patrol, under the command of Lieutenant William Preis, conducted the sting operation in the neighborhood. The
    arrests were made between the hours of 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM.

    “Business was brisk,” said Preis.

    The issue will be a topic of discussion at the next Parkside Neighborhood Association meeting on August 14th.
    -Marge Niblock


    Mark LaFlamme said...

    Here in its natural habitat, the elusive Whore Bird calls to a potential mate. Listen to the eerie cry of its call. With any luck, the Whore Bird will attract a Horny Retired Booze-Sucker, known for its massive car, plaid plumage and ear hair, from the business district.
    That is just damn bizarre. Good luck netting that annoying tweeter.

    Dawn on MDI said...

    Saw this story in the PPH online today. Your rendering of the incidents is far more entertaining than Nemitz. Bravo!
    Earplugs are available at Rite-Aid just around the corner. Five bucks for a big box of the things.
    We shall be watching this thing with interest from Bar Harbor. Good luck!

    Anonymous said...

    Hello, your picture kind of makes you look like a stalker.

    This is what happens in the city, hopefully she will move along.

    But just as the Police can not do anything about the Bums begging for cash during rush hour, I doubt they can do anything about your noise generated by that women.

    Good write up in the Portland Press.


    Michelle said...

    lloyd-- It's not so much stalking as following the VERY LOUD WHISTLING. *grin*

    Mark-- It's going to take a bigger net than I have.

    Dawn-- Earplugs come highly recommended. With any luck we will stop needing them!

    Anonymous said...

    does she have claws on her toes?

    m3rma1d said...

    Bitch was back at it last night for a little while... I heard her over here on the 100 block of Sherman Street around 1am.

    Michelle said...

    m3rma1d-- If at all possible, if she does rear her noisy head again, do call PPD Dispatch! They will hopefully shuffle her off in short order. The more repeat complaints registered against her the better.

    The number for PPD Dispatch is 874-8479.

    m3rma1d said...

    Thanks for that number Michelle, I just put it in my cel phone. :-)

    P.S. I think I met you like a hundred years ago, thru our mutual friend (my BF at the time) Charlie. I could be wrong, tho.. That's happened before once or twice :-p