Monday, July 14, 2008


Dear friends and curious onlookers--
The time is nigh! Even now, the brave and stalwart allies of the Man-Witch gather their artistic might and rally their brushes and pens for a mighty onslaught of art, the likes of which Portland has never seen. Those who wish to join their ranks are invited to submit their offerings of art inspired by the band Man-Witch NOW! The submission period closes July 25th. Pieces may be dropped off at Geno's Rock Club (, 625 Congress Street, Portland, Maine), where entry forms can also be found.

Please forward this information to anyone who may be interested, with our gratitude.

All of the glorious art treasures that result will be on display during the First Friday Artwalk here in Portland, and thereafter for the month of August!

WHEN: August 1, 5:30-8:00pm, live show at 9:30pm
WHERE: Geno's Rock Club, 625 Congress Street, Portland, Maine
WHAT: First Friday Artwalk, opening of the Man-Witch Art Show, followed by a live performance by Man-Witch and guests Ashabti (brand new Portland metal, featuring members of Gift of Tongues, Kurixis, and H.O.S.T.). During the show, the creators of the most mind-blowing pieces of Man-Witch will receive special awards (those not present for the proceedings will be contacted later).

MORE INFO on entering the show:
Artists have been invited to execute artwork inspired by Man-Witch's members, their stage set, and their songs. Draw the Death Truck! Draw the Flaming Pillow of Fear! Draw the Necro-Atomic-Abominomicon! Heck, draw the Super Ultra Mega Terrifyafearinator... if you dare!

Art must be ready to hang! Sorry, no freestanding sculpture (the lobby is a little too trafficked and hazardous for freestanding art to survive long). Wall-mounted sculpture is fine.

Entry forms will be provided at drop-off, or contact one of the members of Portland's Art Horde for more information and alternate drop-off points:
Michelle Souliere -- michelle.souliere[AT]
Carrie Vinette -- claygrl[AT]
Angus McFarland, the Earl of Portland -- angus.mcfarland[AT]

Use any media you like -- photos! comic strips! collage! paint! ink! ...and other things too numerous to be mentioned without causing insanity!!!

Other subjects for prospective artists to ponder include Thunderhog, Ape Bait, Come Get Some Sword, Skull Island, Zombie Zü, not to mention the unmentionable band members:
-- Jurgen A. Rocknow (see flyer image at original post), Fearsome Giant, Demon Breath & Lead Soul-Shredder
-- Stella Hell, Barbarian Spayce Goddess, War Cries & Rhythm Guitar
-- Max Headwound, warrior from the future of the 1980s, Pagan Skins & Howls
-- The Doctor & Benjamin Von Franklinstein, half Gentleman Genius and half Wretched, Soulless Golem, Bass Guitar & Sutures

Do not hesitate to plunder their origin stories and more from Man-Witch's MySpace site, or simply listen to their downloadable song samples for hours on end and thereby inducing an art frenzy of epic proportions (it happens)! Full art show info and more photos are available on the Art Horde's website, including faceshots of bandmembers and group photos in front of their backdrop for your reference (view under "Pictures" on the Art Horde's MySpace website:

Sponsored by the Art Horde!

More photos are here:

  • Live photos by Michelle Souliere

  • A typical frontline live shot
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