Saturday, July 05, 2008

Zombie Kickball III Report

Group photo by Cat Krupsky.
Well, it's been about a week since the brain-loving brouhaha that is Zombie Kickball happened. Enough time for more reports to trickle in, for people to collect their various body parts and figure out what happened on that crazy afternoon. Lucky for us, there were plenty of folks, zombie and non-zomb, to document the occasion and help us figure out what the heck happened. Photo of zombie Polaroidist by Michelle Souliere.

Here are a few of the things we have found (although nothing quite as sweet as our dear Monkey's video correspondence on the matter)...

Justin Ellis' NXT blog sports a nifty, well-edited video clip which gives a great overall impression of the event, which aptly captured its ridiculous sense of wonder:

The Lewiston Sun Journal was so kind as to send staff writer M. Dirk Langeveld all the way down here to cover the event, which resulted in an article which contains my favorite quote from the event:
Matt Cargile and Katie Maloney of South Portland made up the ultimate odd couple. Though the two were dating, Maloney was zombified, while Cargile, carrying a special lobotomizing tool, played a zombie hunter who was the last member of his elite Special Forces unit.

"We sleep in separate beds," Cargile said.

"He has to keep his door locked, or I will kill him," added Maloney. "Who knows what our children will be."
You can read the full Sun Journal article here.
Photo of Matt Cargile, Zombie Hunter, (see right) by Michelle Souliere.

The Sun Journal's foray into Portland zombie fanaticism also resulted in a short but sweet video clip:

Bill Griffith's YouTube video clips aren't as polished, but definitely retain the drooling, brain-eating, shambling charm of the event:
Clip #1
Clip #2

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