Thursday, March 19, 2009

Failed robbery sequel

How did I miss this one? This runs along the theme of my usual comments on how lucky we are in Portland that a lot of our criminals are not the brightest bulbs in the bunch. It makes it awfully easy to find and catch them.

Attempt #1: Give me money! Reply: No.
Attempt #2: I will throw a plantpot at you. Reply: The window refuses to break. Attempt #2 follow-up: I will return at 11:00 and try again!
Attempt #3: Police arrest him en route to his rendezvous in his car. Three strikes...

From staff and news services
December 30, 2008


Police arrest man who tried to rob Dipietro's Market

Police say that after an unsuccessful robbery, Matthew Peverada threatened a South Portland store clerk that he would return at 11 p.m Saturday.

Police were waiting for him when he came back, arresting him on charges of robbery, criminal threatening and criminal mischief.

Peverada allegedly went to Dipietro's Market on Cottage Road on Saturday afternoon and brandished a knife, demanding money from the cash drawer. When he was denied, he left but vowed to return.

He came back at 4:30 p.m. and tried to throw a planter through the window, but it bounced back, police said. He then said he would return at 11 p.m.

Just before then, police patrolling the area stopped a car that Peverada was in and arrested him on charges of criminal threatening, criminal mischief and robbery.

Police say Peverada does not appear to have any connection to the store.



Corey Templeton said...

This one was pretty good too!

"Stakeout catches pastry thief in the act"

Julia said...

speaking of crazy Maine crime sprees (unfortunately this one is unrelated to pastries), I think this was the best of the year: