Wednesday, March 25, 2009

VOTE NOW! Best of Portland 2009

Well, apparently the write-in stage I mentioned the other week was the nomination stage of the process, because now the Portland Phoenix has their regular ballot up for Best of Portland (and I have been asleep, or something, in the meantime).

So vote now (unless you don't want to -- I won't twist your arm)! You can judge as many or as few items as you are interested in.

In fact, you can just vote for the blogs if you like, using the blog ballot here (although it's way more fun to do more). The Portland Phoenix has a blast running this friendly competition every year.

I would be remiss to avoid mention of the fact that there is a "Blog" choice under the CITY LIFE category. If you dig the Strange Maine blog (or another, whatever you like!), please do enter it in the Blog category! :) Also, Emptyhouse Film is up for winning under the Filmmaker category!!!

Thanks everyone! And have fun voting!!!


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