Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maine Sports Trivia Contest!

Hello everyone! Just for fun, to make March go a little more quickly, we're going to have a little sports trivia contest in conjunction with the folks at Boston's CPR Gear. They've given us a few cool t-shirts from their sports line as giveaways, so batter up if this is your thing!

RULES: Submit your answers to me via the email link on the top righthand side of this page. Entries must be received by the end of this week -- 12:00 noon on Sunday, March 15th, 2009. The first person to answer the most questions right at the end of this time will have first pick of the prizes, the second will get second choice, etc. Very simple!

1. In 2008, how many girls were playing baseball on boys' high school teams in Maine as reported to the National Federation of State High School Associations?

2. What sport did famous poet Edna St. Vincent Millay play during her time at Camden High School?

3. In December 1897, the U.S.S. Maine Baseball Team won the Navy baseball championship. What member of the team was the only one left alive after February 15, 1898, when the ship was sunk in Havana Harbor?

4. What weird socket-powered sport began holding organized competitions in Maine in 1991?

5. What unlikely, overgrown orange fruits have been made into makeshift water racing crafts in Maine each October for the last 4 years?

We have three shirts up for grabs:

  • Celtic Pride, size Large - Men

  • Batter Up (Red Sox), size Small - Ladies

  • Batter Up (Red Sox), size Large - Men

  • Our sponsor for this contest, CPR Gear, was founded by two Boston sports fans, to make items specifically for New Englanders. Their story sounds almost mysterious -- "It was a dark and stormy night..."

    "Not long ago, in an undisclosed location, a small group of staunch New England fans met under cover of darkness. These mavericks touched on an idea that would forever alter the face of New England fandom. Inspired by several pints of brew and a lobster roll, they furiously debated the possibility that three of New England's teams could win a championship in one calendar year. Huddled together and in whispered tones, an acronym for this possibility emerged: CPR (appropriate since our sports teams have become the true heartbeat of New England). Nothing escaping these brainiacs, they quickly realized that the concept of CPR was much grander than three teams; it included all the New England teams, of course, but at its base would represent all New England fans and our undying faith that if we believe long and hard enough, anything is possible."

    Tons of Mainers share these guys' love for New England's teams, be it the Boston Red Sox, the Patriots, or the Celtics, including Stephen King, who went so far as to write the book Faithful about the Sox's struggle with co-author Stewart O'Nan. Here's a chance to wear your heart on your sleeve!

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