Sunday, March 29, 2009

FRIDAY! Art opening @ Sanctuary

I and Loren Leahy have been working on putting this show together for over a year now. The results are finally in!

If you'd like a peek at some of my recent studio work, I've posted some in-process shots on my Flicker site, here.

All the work for this show is based on the theme of Illuminated Manuscripts.

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GILTY PLEASURES art exhibition @ Sanctuary Tattoo

April 3rd – June 3rd, 2009

31 Forest Avenue – Portland, ME 04101


Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11-7

Opening Reception: Friday, April 3rd, 6:00-9:00pm

CONTACT: Chris Dingwell: (207)828-8866 |

Sanctuary Tattoo is pleased to present GILTY PLEASURES from April 3rd to June 3rd, featuring the work of eleven artists: Loren Leahy, Michelle Souliere, Clayton Cameron, Michael Connor, Reuben Little, Helen Lukacs, Angus McFarland, Martha Miller, Michel Ouellette, Greg Souza, and Carrie Vinette.

Inspired by the theme of illuminated manuscripts and all their elaborate trappings, these artists have each labored over their own expression of this centuries-old tradition. Tasked with generating artwork inspired by any or all the elements of old parchments and moldering tomes filled with brilliant and mystifying imagery and text, this group of artists has produced a wide range of pieces, from watercolors to silkscreens, to shrinelike bottles, to bound volumes.

The way is paved with gold leaf, pigments made from semi-precious stones, and age-old imagery re-fired in the crucible of modern consciousness. The eye follows maze-like lines and finds itself growing new ideas in the back of the brain, subconsciously diving into the labyrinth, led by the string of breadcrumbs, worshipping at the altar of the page – humble paper brought high by the artist’s hand.


GeologyJoe said...

do you have an RSS feed? i couldn't find one

Michelle said...

Hey Joe! There should be an RSS icon up in the address bar of your browser that you can click to subscribe. If your browser doesn't have this feature, you can view all our available feeds here:
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JeffBPalmer said...

Have fun with this, Michelle!
~ Jeff