Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Strange abandoned bus near Bangor


Dan S. forwarded this to me a while back, and I've been digging around trying to find something about it ever since. The only thing I've been able to track it to is the blog that Dan found it on in the first place, whose author, Jamie Rhein, prefaces the photo with a very intriguing paragraph:
This topic of weird things in the woods is one that could bring about a spine tingling novel or a short story. When we come across a thing in the woods like a bone or two --or a shoe, or a cheap plastic comb, we wonder about the story that happened before we arrived. "What happened here?" we ask. In the above photograph, this abandoned Navy bus is rotting in the woods near Bangor, Maine. The text underneath the photo also begs the question, "What in the world is it doing in the woods?" [SMe Editor's note: I'm not sure what she means by "the text underneath the photo" -- what is there for text below the photo on her blog doesn't seem to relate to her question.]

Does anyone out there know anything about this bus??

...Not to be confused with the very cool and almost mysterious Bangor BAT Bus!


Matthew said...

This bus is located in a junk yard that is primarily old military vehicles from the 50's and some old cars from 1920;s to 1960. Other sites such as Flickr have a fairly large number of pictures posted of this junkyard.

Michelle said...

Thank you Matthew! That's one mystery solved -- and it sounds like I need to visit that junkyard and take some photos of my own! :)

Corey said...

Where specifically near Bangor? I'd like to get out there myself and both take some pictures and explore if thats allowed. Does it have a name? Still an active working junkyard where you have to have permission? Any info either with a follow up comment here or an email to me at mastersonc @ hotmail . com would be great. Thanks.