Friday, May 05, 2006

The Heck with Mysteries!

Unlike those of us who reside here on Strange Maine, who are all about mysteries and would be weeping into our pockets without them, the associate dean of the College of Engineering at University of Maine Orono declares good riddance to pesky conundrums.

In the May 4th issue of the Bangor Daily News, reporter Aimee Dolloff wrote about recent events on the campus by which a search for a large historic bell were finally brought to a close, and has a word with Mr. Rock on the matter:
"It was one of those days you just kind of take a deep breath and go, 'Wow, finally,'" Rock, associated dean of the College of Engineering, said Wednesday after the bell had been taken down.
While the mystery has been intriguing, Rock said Wednesday he's glad it's over."I don't want any more mysteries," he said.
The funniest part of the whole deal, and perhaps one of the annoyances of it for Rock, is the fact that the bell was perched above everyone the whole time in a cupola on the roof of the Fogler Library. I wonder if it giggled to itself, or if it talked the pigeons that were using it as their homebase into starting a betting pool to see who could guess when the staff would finally home in on its location. Or perhaps it was on tenterhooks to be brought back out into the public eye again, and feted and loved.

At any rate, if Mr. Rock has any unwanted mysteries kicking around, he can just send them our way. :)

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