Tuesday, May 09, 2006

SMF - The End of the Street

Well, the time has come to make another entry into the annals of Strange Maine Fiction. Please welcome Red Burtt to the fold, with his tale about man's best friend, his dog. This is one of the strangest rants I've read in a long time, and if it doesn't make you start watching what goes on at the end of the street yourself, maybe you're on too much medication. A real corker of a story, creepy and insidious. The kind of thing that makes you wish you could just get back to sleep, dammit. The link wil send you to a PDF of the story. Enjoy!!

"I have asked my neighbor, when I do he just stares off into space, he has lived here for thirteen years I know he knows something but when I bring the subject up he starts talking about his Snow Blower, I don’t care about his damn Snow Blower something is going on at the end of this street and I want to know what the hell it is." --Red Burtt

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