Thursday, May 11, 2006

NEWS: Grisly Discovery in Boston Harbor

Cranky Yankee over at New England Anomaly posted yesterday about a macabre discovery down in Boston. Workers at the Deer Island sewage treatment plant were checking recently installed screening machines at the facility when they discovered among the screened debris a tiny arm.

Severed at a point below the elbow joint, the forearm and hand are believed to have belonged to an infant, as their total length is about five inches.

Video footage of the facility and a local newscast from Boston's CBS-4 are available here.

It is surmised that the remains traveled from a location north of Boston, and local authorities in Suffolk County are asking that anyone who might know a recently pregnant women that now appears to have no baby to call them with the information.

Weird, man.

Another article can be found at WCVB-5's website, here.

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