Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A 1932 Jewel!

The 1932 Deering High School yearbook, the Amethyst, is full of tidbits of time-traveling wonder. The art page prefacing the senior class' pictures is of a spaceship! They were thinking of the future.

The commencement of the Class of 1932 included both a Bible Reading and speeches on a number of pertinent topics, including Superstition, interestingly enough. Also included (to give you an idea) were: an essay on Progress, and essay called "In Those Days," and essays on Travel, Education, and Amusement. What I wouldn't give to read a few of those transcripted -- a window into what the high school senior of 1932 thought of the world of their day and of that gone before.

I don't know if it is because of the seemingly severe style of the day, but in the portraits of the graduating seniors, many of them look of an age well beyond the 18 years or so most of them must have been.

The copy of The Amethyst that I have belonged to Reginald Doyle. I bet he never figured his yearbook would wind up an acute object of interest in the year 2006! It came all the way back to Maine from an eBay seller in Tucson, Arizona, so it's certainly made the rounds.

You can look forward to a series of posts on the items of interest I find within over the next little while! Coming attractions will include various coverages of obscure school clubs, the outrageous candid photo collages and their accompanying commentary (quite as outrageous as the photos themselves), selections from the senior class portraits, and anything else juicy we can lay our hands on.

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