Monday, June 19, 2006

Marden's Mattress Attack!!!

The Lewiston Sun Journal reported today that a renegade mattress waylaid a hapless motocyclist this weekend near Greene.
Motorcycle rider hits mattress on Route 202
By Max Mogensen, Staff Writer
Monday, June 19,2006
GREENE - A Lewiston man was thrown from his motorcycle Sunday afternoon after his bike hit a mattress on the road.

The man, Richard Breton, 38, of Lewiston, was returning home from a motorcycle ride about 2 p.m. when he crashed on Route 202 just across the town line in Greene.

Breton struck a mattress that had fallen from a truck driving out of Lewiston on Route 202. The truck was carrying the mattress from Marden's Surplus store, where it had been purchased earlier that day.

Breton wasn't seriously hurt, though he was taken to Central Maine Medical Center for tests. "I just got some scratches and bruises," he said. He was later released.

Breton, a father, had asked his son Jake to accompany him on the motorcycle ride. "He wanted to stay in the pool," the senior Breton said. Later, Breton was thankful to escape injury and more thankful that his 10-year-old son declined his offer.

"All in all," said Breton, "Father's Day wasn't too bad."

My friends and I often sang along to Marden's commercials as children. Our favorite version was "I should have shot it when I saw it at Marden's!" We did so very gleefully, and would just as gleefully go shopping with our moms at Marden's when the chance arose.

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