Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Arrest Hindered by Moose

Police in Waterville had trouble using a tracking dog to pursue fugitive Justin "J.J." LaCroix last Saturday. As it turned out, LaCroix had a secret accomplice.
More than an hour into the chase, [Officer Jeffrey] Bearce said, a man saw a moose come out of the woods. The animal apparently had been on the same path as LaCroix and contaminated the trail, Bearce said.

"They came across a moose out of the woods on Silvermount Street, and he contaminated the track across to Silver Street," Bearce said. "He was running in the same place the kid ran." [Source]


Michelle said...

You know... has it occurred to them that maybe he was dressed in a moose costume?


Anonymous said...

They are lies. There was no moose the Waterville police department just doesn't want to admit that some kid led them on an hour foot chase and they just plain old couldn't catch him I know I was there